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CyberPower Intelligent LCD CP825LCD 825 VA Desktop UPS

Mfr: Cyberpower
Mfr Product Id: CP825LCD

Retail: $89.99



TheIntelligent LCD CP825LCD UPS is ideal power protection for individuals runninga stand-alone PC in their home, or office. Real-time system vitals can beviewed from the Intelligent Crystal-Blue LCD display, and the unit can beconveniently placed in a workstation cabinet or directly on the desktop. LCDdiagnostics include: Input Voltage Level, Output Voltage Level, BatteryCapacity, Runtime, Load Level, On Battery, Overload, Wiring Fault, and SilentMode.

Dahua Security Solution for Canabis Farm
Thu, 27 Feb 2020

We are providing all-in-one security solution for Canabis farms in Canada. The package meets regulation requirements and beats competitions cost-wise while maintaining our legendary reliability of product and service. Please contact us for details.