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CyberPower AVR CP685AVR 685VA UPS

Mfr: Cyberpower
Mfr Product Id: CP685AVR

Retail: $79.98



TheCyberPower CP685AVR UPS is the ideal unit for basic to mid-level computersystems. The 685AVR not only guards against surges, spikes, sags, andbrownouts, but also protects your computer system and valuable data during apower outage. The Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) monitors incoming AC powerand regulates output to a smooth, consistent 120 volts. This model also hasfull dataline protection: RJ11/RJ45 (phone, fax, Ethernet, network, DSL) andRG-6 coax (DSS, cable modem, satellite, cable TV). PowerPanel PE (TM) PowerManagement supplements the backup/surge protection by monitoring the vitals ofthe UPS and safely shutting down your system in event of a power outage. Thestandalone designs allows for vertical, horizontal, or wall mount. Surge-Only outletsare perfect for the addition of peripherals such as monitors, printers,scanners, iPods, or CD/DVD players.

Dahua Security Solution for Canabis Farm
Thu, 27 Feb 2020

We are providing all-in-one security solution for Canabis farms in Canada. The package meets regulation requirements and beats competitions cost-wise while maintaining our legendary reliability of product and service. Please contact us for details.