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Cansonic MDV-3000 Sport DVR

Mfr: Cansonic
Mfr Product Id: MDV-3000

Retail: $199.99




With 25+ years of experience in the area of technology R&D and product manufacturing of car and sport DVR, Cansonic wins numerous product awards and is recognized as the top brand in Taiwan and the rising leader worldwide in this area.

MDV-3000 comes with super-compact 180° rotatable and 130° grade A+ high-definition wide angle lens. It has low noise imaging sensor capable of capturing clear images in dark environment. Combined with 270° rotatable display screen, MDV-3000 is convenient for multi-angle and high-definition video and picture shooting. MDV-3000 delivers 1920x1080x30fps full HD video recording. MDV-3000 is ideal for professional mobile and car DVR applications.


HD Cameras for Security @ Western Fair
Mon, 14 Nov 2016

In addition to the two camera projects we finished for the ice rinks at Wester Fair in this Feburary and May respectively, we recently delivered a 22-camera system and a 24-camera system to enhance the security coverage at Western Fair.