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CyberPower Standby CP350SLG 350VA Desktop UPS

Mfr: Cyberpower
Mfr Product Id: CP350SLG

Retail: $47.98



TheCyberPower Standby CP350SLG uninterruptible power supply (UPS) safeguards PCswith non-Active PFC power supplies and other electronics (monitors, cable DSL/modems, VoIP routers, fax machines, and home theater equipment) from blackouts,brownouts, surges, spikes, sags, and other power abnormalities. Its compositeintegrated circuitry offers advanced lightning protection. Patented GreenPowerUPS advanced circuitry reduces UPS energy costs by up to 75% compared tocompetitive models.

Virus Cleaning Special
Wed, 10 Feb 2021

$79+tax for computer virus cleaning service.